How to generate traffic in your website: the keys to achieving it

When we develop a website to boost our business, our intention is that, from the first moment, we have many visitors, but this is not always the case. Although the site is very beautiful, if it has not been designed correctly or does not have the appropriate content, it seems as if it is invisible to search engines, not attracting new visitors. Here we tell you why this happens and, above all, how to avoid it.
How to generate traffic in your website: the keys to achieving it background

Traffic and SEO

Web traffic is the amount of data produced by all visitors accessing a website. This is important for any online business as every single person who accesses our website could be a potential customer.
There are two forms of web traffic: (1) organic web traffic, coming mainly from search results and (2) paid web traffic, coming from advertisements we run to attract users to our site.
Organic traffic is fundamental to the success of your website as it values the quality of the person accessing the site, above the quantity of hits it receives.
Obtaining organic traffic for your website is mainly achieved with a good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which will allow us to position ourselves in search engines by optimizing the content of our website.
A well-implemented SEO will focus on improving visibility through organic results. This will allow our website to be projected directly to people interested in our activity when they search for it on Google, Bing,…

SEO optimization

Here are the most relevant factors to optimise the SEO of your website:

Optimized content

Content is the most important factor for SEO. Generating quality content, both written and visual is important to make your website visitors want to stay and come back. Visually appealing content will be the first point of contact along with interesting headlines with keywords of your business. It will also be important to update outdated content on your website when necessary.


We will have to identify the keywords that define our business and make natural use of them in our content.

Clear structure of the website

Structuring the content of our website in a well-organized way with different levels of navigation will allow users and search engines to correctly detect what is the most relevant information on our site.

Internal Links

The use of internal links on your website will help your page rank in search engines as it will be considered an important page. These internal links will also allow users to navigate and stay longer on your site.

Page load speed

If your website takes a long time to load due to the size of the images or a problem with the server search engines will penalize it. For this reason, your website should be well developed and the images optimized to be as fast as possible.

Key tools

In addition, we have other tools that are essential to increase web traffic:

Social networks

Social media is a strong tool to generate quality traffic in your online business as you can create a community interested in your service or product. We have to detect the best channel to showcase our business and it will be important to be active and create quality content to attract the recipients of your publications to your website.

Website adapted for mobile use

It is important that your website is compatible with mobile devices as mobile devices currently account for a high percentage of web traffic. If your website is not well optimized for use on these devices you may lose the majority of users who try to access it.
Mobile search engines also penalise pages that are not optimised for our phones.


If your website appears on the third screen of your favorite search engine or if, no matter how much content you enter, you do not manage to increase the number of visits, you need to review what we have told you in this article, which is summarised in these five points:
Specific content well related to your business which incorporates the words that your customers usually search for on the Internet.

  • Simple structure to get to any point on the site quickly and smoothly with internal links between sections and articles.
  • Fast site with images and light structure.
  • Good positioning in social networks.
  • Good adaptation to mobile devices.

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