Customized web design and development: advantages and disadvantages

Creating a website can be an intimidating process for businesses. One of the most common questions that come up during the decision process is whether to implement a CMS such as Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace or Shopify or to opt for a customized development. We will break down the most important advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.
Customized web design and development: advantages and disadvantages background

Differences in functionality and design

First of all, you should assess the uniqueness and experience that you want to provide your clients with through the web.

If you can be flexible with the image or the functionality of your website, you have such options as Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress or Shopify. However, if you have a clear vision of the functionality and functions that you need, you should probably discard these options.

These platforms are known to facilitate rapid deployment, but in return, they fail to satisfy the need to extend their functionality and customization without the help of a professional developer.

At the same time, as these platforms are prepared to be suitable for multiple businesses and needs, they are poorly optimized and tend to fall short both in positioning and speed.

If your company aims to have a website that only talks about products or services to get some contacts, you have a low budget and you don’t care about attention to detail, customized design is surely not for you. And there is nothing wrong with it!

However, if you have more budget and a clear vision of the functionality and user experience for your website or if positioning and speed are important, you will achieve the flexibility and performance you need only with a customized design.

Differences in scalability and adaptation

The next point tries to evaluate the facilities and possibilities that the web has to offer, both in terms of functionality and content.

Scalability in functionality

If you do not expect that your website may need improvements in the future, it is most likely that you do not need a customized website. However, if you consider investing regularly in new functionality and features, it is almost certain that you will run into many difficulties by deciding on a “pre-made” website.

Data scalability

Another important aspect to take into account is the amount of data that will be managed on your page. Examples of this data include products, records, profiles, projects, services or others that require adding or removing certain elements repeatedly. If you decide on a pre-made solution, you will find that entering and maintaining this data in volumes is a headache.

Data scalability

Suppose that you are introducing your company’s services with a “do-it-yourself web” or pre-made system.

The first step would be to analyze all the necessary fields: name, introduction, price, image, etc. Once this is completed, all these contents are reflected in a design. You would have to copy this design for all the other services.

With this methodology, you would be creating a separate template each time you introduce a service. However, what if once everything is finished, you want to include a gallery of images for each service? What if you want to create a team members section? What if you want to delete a section that is no longer relevant?

The answer is clear: you should modify the design and content of each service. It would be very difficult to make all the pages the same correctly. In a short time and with few modifications, you would end up with a complicated website that is difficult to manage. It will no longer be quick to administer and you will lose all integrity between pages.

Due to this chaos, the website ends up needing a complete cleaning and a complete redo of the previous work over time.

Another problem that editing for templates usually entails is the difficulty of editing the contents without spoiling the code or the visualization.

The solution: a customized administrator

With customized development, elements are defined within a database. With this data, a base design is created with which all the elements are built, which, in this case, are the services.

If a modification is necessary, it is only required to modify the database and the base design, so that the changes are carried out for all the elements.

For the introduction, you no longer have to struggle with designs and boxes. You only need the necessary texts and images in a customized administrator. This is much faster and easier.

To sum up, if you have a significant volume of data to introduce and maintain, or if the requirements may change over time, you will quickly reap the benefits of the costs of a customized web design and development thanks to the ease and stability in introducing the data.

Differences in results and importance for the business

Assessing the role that the website plays in your business is as much or more important than the previous aspects.

Despite the global market trend, there are companies that consider their website as a secondary activity that is only a support or catalog of commercial activities. However, if you plan to generate a significant part of income or contacts from the website, the website that you are offering to your customers is a crucial part of your business.

When you choose a customized design made by a specialized team, you are guaranteed the best results. Deciding on a pre-made or “do-it-yourself” solution may seem like a saving at first, but the problems will start soon: what will happen when there is a serious error on the web if the person who has implemented it has not developed the code? What if you want to implement a functionality and a template or extension that does not adapt to your website? What will you do with all the modifications paid for by the web when the CMS such as Wordpress has to make a major version change?

Many companies invest tens or hundreds of thousands of euros without hesitation in payroll, real estate rentals and other expenses as they are aware that these are necessary for their activity. A website becomes an unpaid marketer who works 24 hours a day, 365 days a week non-stop and should be given equal consideration. If your company is profitable and the website is or should be important, it is definitely worth investing in a personalized website that adapts to expectations and needs.


Do you have a company with a clear vision and specify what you need for your business on a website? Choose a customized development.

Do you have a small business that has just been established and you just want to be reached at minimal cost? A ready-made solution or a “do-it-yourself” website will suit your needs.

Will your website not evolve over the next few years and will it have little content? Or do you have a significant amount of content and it should evolve over time? A good customized development will give you the flexibility you will need when you have to grow.

Is your website important to your business? If so, you definitely need a customized website that reflects your brand and company as they deserve and with guarantees.

If it’s not important and you’re on a tight budget, a “do-it-yourself” solution like Squarespace or Wix or pre-made options such as Wordpress will suffice. Don’t worry about a customized website until you really need it.

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