ACB — Bracket

A web game for the screens of the ACB matches.

  • Frontend
  • Diseño UI/UX
  • Backend
  • Vue.js
  • Django
  • Amazon Web Services
  • HTML + CSS + Javascript
  • Python
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ACB — Bracket

The ACB league, referred to as the Endesa League since the 2011/22 season for sponsorship reasons, is considered one of the best leagues at the international level. Defined by their professionalism and competitive nature, they needed a web game to match their reputation.

The challenge

The objective has been to develop a game of Brackets for the ACB considering UI/UX, scalability, stability and integration of sponsorships.

Technological ambition

The Endesa League is one of the three most known leagues in the world of basketball, and the number of its followers is in line with this.  Therefore, it has been essential for the infrastructure to be prepared to host a large number of users without a high cost of servers.

Excellent user experience

The game has to be intuitive and fun to play, enabling a user experience at the level of the competition while capturing the new image of the ACB in a clean and clear way.

Connected with the fans

The solutions tailored for the Bracket are designed to connect the ACB and its advertisers with fans. The product is intended to integrate in a positive and smooth way with the platform and different sponsorships within the game. It also allows fans to become a part of the competition with the creation of both public and private leagues.

Without tied hands: autonomy

As with all of our solutions, it has been of utmost importance to develop a product that is scalable and manageable for the ACB. Through a customized administrator and the implementation of different automation and automatic testing functions, the ACB is able to autonomously manage the platform and create new competitions with the assurance of knowing that the servers' infrastructure is ready to scale automatically according to the number of users.

Data control and platform stability

The solution grants the organization both the statistical control of different aspects of the game and its own evolution, as well as the control of the platform during the match. At the same time, the different testing and monitoring systems ensure that the platform is ready to scale in a stable way.

ACB acb-bracket-mockup

The numbers

A fitting game for a responsive group of fans

  • +1000 People registered in the first 24 hours
  • 45 Days to carry out the project
  • 8 Interactions on average per user

The project

A project of infinite combinations with scalable solutions for future competitions.

Web page

To develop a highly intuitive website with all the information regarding the ACB bracket game, the bracket game, and different rankings of the prediction results.

Bracket game

To create a betting game with a wide variety of case studies, where not only the result of the match is considered to issue a score but also the placement of a bonus and the most valuable player of the match (MVP) are chosen in order to increase the margin of error and increase the probability of victory among users. In turn, this game is prepared in such a way to adapt to the different competition formats that may arise in the future completely autonomously via administrator.


It adds excitement and variability to the game, allowing the score to be multiplied in a match chosen by the fan in addition to a sponsor space.

MVP (Most valuable player)

A sponsor space where the fans have to guess the best player of the match.

Leagues' creation

Users do not only have the option to participate in the general league, but they can also create personal leagues to compete with their friends and/or family. Personal leagues can be both public and private.


These are the technologies that we have used to develop the project of Bracket by the ACB:

What does the customer think?

We thank our customers for trusting us with their web and app projects. This is how they feel after working with us.

Fernando Martín
As the ACB, we wanted to expand the offer of interaction with the fans and a product such as the Bracket fits perfectly into our strategy. The professional and creative work of Mecexis now allows us to have a solid tool that will contribute to the dissemination of our events and the loyalty of fans
Fernando MartínHead of communication projects at ACB