Foorter — Ecommerce

Customized ecommerce approach for personalized glasses

  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Carticious
  • HTML + CSS + Javascript
  • Python
  • Django
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Foorter — Ecommerce

When it comes to sunglasses designed and manufactured with an eye to detail, we speak of Foorter, a brand inspired by the colors and sunsets of the magical island of Formentera. At Foorter, they work with the best raw materials from Italy, and they give special importance to the history behind each of their glasses models.

The challenge

The goal of this project we set for ourselves at Mecexis has been simple yet complex: Foorter is a special brand with a very solid message and we were supposed to transfer this magic into the screen with as much personality as possible.

Minimalist design

Foorter's designs have a personality. Their models are inspired by stories and have a raison d'être. The challenge is about creating a design that would make their brand shine rather than blur it.

User-centered experience

Glasses are a very personal accessory and it is common to have doubts when preferring one model over another. For this reason, when the decision has been made, the experience related to the purchase must be easy, intuitive and fast

Autonomy as a mandatory premise

We believe in our clients' projects as much as they do. For this reason, we do not deliver projects with limited useful life or without the possibility of extension. Thus, scalability and complete administration of the website are two factors of obligation in our development

Foorter mockup-foorter

The project

To develop an ecommerce approach that is suitable in terms of usability, scalability and content management.

Carticious: our own content manager

Thanks to the development realized with Carticious, we can guarantee that Foorter is a scalable page with an optimized search engine, complete control over SEO, management of inventory, a multi-language platform, a self-managing control panel and a completely secure website.

Black and white

A minimalist graphic line based on the white color with black highlights has been the perfect graphic solution for not to overshadow the images on the page while highlighting what is truly important: the sunglasses.

Agile purchase process

The main methods that a developer may take into account to prevent a user from abandoning a purchase are by making the creation of an account obligatory and the payment process long and/or complicated.  At Foorter, we allow the users to place their order without an account and we break down the next steps into three screens with a clean design that leaves no room for doubt.


These are the technologies we have used to develop the project of Foorter.