ACB - Application

Bringing the passion of basketball closer to fans

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ACB - Application

The application turns into the site that gathers ACB's all information and experience.

The challenge

From the initial conceptualization phase, the supporters are always placed in the center of all decisions. The application turns into the site that gathers ACB's all information and experience.

The supporters are always placed in the centre of everything

From the initial conceptualization phase, the supporters are always placed in the center of all decisions. The application turns into a site that gathers ACB's all information and experience. 

However, the challenge lies not only in containing all this information but also in offering the best possible fan experience and enhancing the image of the ACB. These objectives are a great challenge for both the design and development team at Mecexis. 

During the entire design and development phase, after several prototypes, all these objectives are far exceeded. By working together with ACB, we have been able to create a rounded experience around the application: the application is intuitive, agile, and attractive and thanks to the great technical effort, it is incredibly fast.

ACB mockup

The project

A forward-looking implementation.

Autonomy and efficiency for the management of the app

We have designed and developed an administration panel with the ACB's communication team and in accordance with their needs and requirements. 

This panel allows you to manage all views of the application through reusable templates, providing you with full control over the content. 

In addition, different automatic systems have been developed to relieve the workload on the equipment and give the best experience to the supporters. From the automated application integration with Vimeo for video content to the automatic notification of the most important events of each match. 

However, there are more possibilities for the communication team: the ACB team has a complete notification system that allows to target notifications according to fans' preferences and has a complete metrics system to measure fans' interests and the performance of the content.

In record time!

Thanks to the collaboration with ACB's technical and communication team, the application of agile methods, and the use of the best available myriad of technologies such as Flutter, Django, and AWS, we have managed to deploy the first version of the application in just nine weeks. 

This means that all fans can enjoy a new and improved version of the application as soon as possible while it is continuously being improved.

Scalability and cost: all under control with AWS

It was imperative to implement a scalable, reliable system that would also contain costs on low servers. 

By using AWS services following CNA (Cloud-Native Application) guidelines, the application can cater to the large peak of users during the course of matches without breaking a sweat while, at off-peak times, it can reduce the infrastructure to optimize resources. 

In addition, the system has been fully designed to be resilient to server failures and crashes: in the event of a crash, fans can still access all data because the entire service is provided through AWS CloudFront.

Flexibility and future growth

The creation of the new application is a turning point: this current version is just the beginning, a base on which to grow and implement new functionalities and improvements on an ongoing basis, making the application the center of the entire ACB digital experience.


The following are the technologies we have used to develop the ACB app:

What does the customer think?

We thank our clients for entrusting us with their web and app projects. This is their opinion after working with us.

Miguel Gaitán Marqueta

At ACB we wanted to modernise and optimise our official app. Working together with Mecexis, we were able to achieve a very satisfactory final result in line with the historic institution we represent and what the fans needed. Therefore, we have managed to strengthen an essential tool to follow the Endesa League with a better user experience.

Miguel Gaitán MarquetaACB - Comunication department