WRG — Website & App

Creating a whole online ecosystem for a worldwide event

  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Django
  • Flutter
  • Falcon
  • Vue.js
  • Lambda
  • Amazon Web Services
WRG — Website & App

Barcelona held between July 4 and 14, 2019 the “World Roller Games”, the biggest sports event since the 1992 Olympic Games. Grouping the world championships of all the disciplines of Roller Sports.

The challenge

A worldwide event that required the development of different solutions of great complexity.


Broadcast live information for all fans, athletes and media around the world with extensive information on 128 competitions in which more than 4000 athletes from 81 different countries competed during the 11 days of the official competition and 6 days of junior competition.

Short development

The deadline for the project was short, and due to the youth of the event, it required developing all solutions starting from scratch.

Technological legacy

All the solutions developed had to mark a technological legacy for the next editions. To allow this, solutions were developed with stability, quality, scalability and documentation of the code according to the challenge.

Ambitious technology

To meet these ambitious goals, an app for iOS and Android, a web page, several widgets and an API were developed.

WRG wrg-2019-mockup

The numbers

A worldwide event with big numbers and international repercussion.

  • 128 Competitions
  • +4k Athletes
  • 81 Countries
  • 17 Days

The project

A highly complex project developed from scratch and with scalable solutions for future editions.


A system was developed for being capable of compiling the information of the different competitions live and broadcast them in an API. This included calendars, participants, rankings, results and medals. This API responded to the web requests and official widgets, app and queries of different nature from international media, allowing participants, spectators and media to be informed of the competition.

Web page

The website provided all the information from the World Roller Games in a single environment, fast, intuitive, attractive and scalable during the evolution of the competition and before it. From this site, we facilitated all the calendar information, results, classification, the list of medalists, news, venues and entrances. At the same time, specific sports documentation was offered to the different delegations and competitions, also offering graphic video and image resources for the media.


The World Roller Games application offered calendars, participants, rankings, results, medals and news for iOS and Android systems. At the same time, it allowed the sending of the most relevant notifications of the competition. For its development, it was essential to have a fast and intuitive interface, available in several languages.


A widely documented set of widgets was developed based on Vue.js that offered the possibility of displaying calendars, participants, classifications, results, medals and news from around the world, a particular discipline or competition.


Here you can find the technologies we have used to develop the World Roller Games 2019 project.

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Xavier Moyano

"Mecexis has made it possible to monitor all eleven specialties of the competition program digitally and live. Mecexis has been part of the great success of the World Roller Games. "

Xavier MoyanoExecutive director WRG