E-commerce design and development

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  • Saleor Technologies
  • Python Technologies
  • Django Technologies
  • HTML + CSS + Javascript Technologies
  • Vue.js Technologies

The development of an e-commerce can open the doors of your business to the world. Being such a competitive market, this challenge is only possible with a great team behind as Mecexis.

Much more than software and design

Creating an online store is, more than ever, a daunting challenge. The era of the first settlers on the Internet has long since ended and entering a mature, complex and highly competitive market is an important challenge only attainable by a specialized team.

 Much more than software and design
  • Experts in e-commerce

    We have more than ten years of experience in the design and development of highly optimized custom e-commerce, covering different sectors and oriented to B2B or B2C.

  • Keeping in mind the user experience | UX

    Consumers expect their brands to offer them as simple and intuitive use as possible while giving them a different experience, to surprise them and make them enjoy. We design your online store according to these requirements.

  • Focused on your objectives

    For us, e-commerce is simplicity and attention to experience, in an approach that combines business and user objectives. The result is an online store, ready to fight in the highly competitive e-commerce market. We design online stores that the customer feel like own, that excites him, a web site where he eagers to buy.

  • Working side by side

    We strongly believe that to ensure quality in the creation of an e-commerce, it is essential to work side by side with our customers to develop the best possible online store.

  • Quality in development and design

    Our experience, knowledge, and application of the quality controls of Mecexis for e-commerce, guarantee the highest quality for your online store.

  • Ready for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Our custom development allows us to have, from the beginning, a highly optimized, automated and ready online store for the development of tasks oriented to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Integrations

    We have a large experience in developing custom e-commerce integrations for different ERP's such as Odoo, SAP or Sage.


For the development of e-commerce we choose among the best technologies that adapt to your project, both for the development of frontend and backend. We are experts in Django, Python, Saleor and of course in our own e-commerce system, Carticious.