e-Commerce development

  • Carticious
  • Python
  • Django
  • HTML + CSS + Javascript
  • Vue.js
e-Commerce development

An online store opens the doors of your business to the world. Our online store development will help you to unleash the full sales potential of your company. We have our own online store design. Boost your digital sales, as well as produce and scale commercial applications.

Globalize your company

Opening the doors of your company to the world is an option to generate income and branding. In a globalized world, the opportunity to expand your products and services in other countries is highly attractive and possible. We have the way to make the development of your online store functional and above all, transactional. Open your business to the world!

Online solutions for growth

The browsing experience is essential in the purchase phases. We focus the experience of your potential customer on different devices. In our online store developments we focus on understanding the needs of your user to generate an adequate shopping and browsing experience.

An online store development according to your market

We know from experience that there are no standard solutions for everyone because every brand and industry is different. That is why to achieve your business goals, we develop an experience for your online store and customer without sticking to the corset of a CMS.

Quality in the design and development of online stores

Our experience and knowledge in design and development of online stores, together with Mecexis' own quality controls for e-commerce, guarantee the highest quality for your online store.

Commercial connection with your buyer persona

Creating an online store is, more than ever, an exciting challenge. Online shopping is more about your customers than your business. Consumers expect their brands to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible, while giving them a different experience that surprises them and makes them enjoy themselves. Encourage your shopping process!

Functional architecture of your online store

We work on the grouping of the contents of your online store products to facilitate navigation to your customers and / or potential customers. We devise the most favorable architecture for your users and for search engine spiders to find and index the content easily.

SEO Performance

Our custom e-commerce development and design allows us to have, from the beginning, a highly optimized digital store ready for the development of SEO oriented tasks.

Satisfied buyers

Your customer's satisfaction means their return or even an increase in their shopping cart. We know how important it is to offer hassle-free payment options, display payment progress indicators and offer displays of the total cost of your products. Satisfy your customers with our online store development!

The commercial strength you are missing

For us, developing an online store is about simplicity and attention to experience. An approach that brings together business and user objectives. The result is an online store that is ready to fight in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape and streamline sales processes. Expand your commercial power!

Customer Loyalty

We know how important it is to offer seamless payment options, display payment progress indicators and offer displays of the total cost of your products. With the development of an online store, we focus on an experience that achieves purchase conversions and generates a strong bond with your brand.

ERP integrations

We know how important it is for companies to have a control of stocks and costs. Therefore, we have extensive experience in the development of integrations for the virtual store of different ERPs such as Odoo, SAP or Sage.

Mecexis is your e-commerce agency

The experience of an e-commerce agency with the technological world will make your online store catapult your results. Big executives look for an e-commerce agency that knows what it does and that assures them results. Mecexis is the right technology company.

Experience in online store development

We have more than ten years of experience in design and development of highly optimized custom e-commerce. We have been involved in different projects in different sectors and sizes. We are specialized in B2B and B2C online stores.

Scrum Methodology

Working collaboratively in the development of an online store is a guarantee of quality. You, as an expert in your business model and sector, and us, as experts in digital projects, will work together to achieve an online store that offers a unique experience like no other.


For e-commerce development, we choose among the best technologies that adapt to your project, both for frontend and backend development. We are experts in Django, Python, Saleor and of course in our own e-commerce system, Carticious.