IT Outsourcing

  • Django
  • Python
  • Flutter
  • HTML + CSS + Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • Lambda
  • Firebase
  • Parse
IT Outsourcing

Whether you have an extra workload in your development or design project, or you need a specialized team to implement a task within your team, we are ready to help with our IT outsourcing services.

Save time and costs

In this fast-paced era, many companies lack the time to develop and implement their projects. This leads to long lead times and increased costs. Unfortunately, great ideas fall by the wayside or are left on standby. Our IT outsourcing service is there to mitigate all this, so don't get left behind because of lack of time!

Project management

Focusing on the product, we define the strategy and the plan to follow for your application or website. With outsourcing we will plan the best way to develop without the need to increase the cost.

Design direction

We define and supervise all aspects of the design, from the interface to the information architecture, taking into account all aspects of the user experience (UX).

' background'

Efficient developments

Our knowledge and experience allows us to develop with agility and comfort in different roles within the outsourcing of design and development of both web and applications. With an external vision, we will give a more efficient point of view so that costs and time are not a problem.

Web design and development

We have extensive experience in carrying out complex web projects, meeting important challenges both in design, development and positioning.

Design and development of mobile applications (apps)

We design and develop mobile applications, using the latest prototyping (Figment) and development (Flutter) tools.

Frontend development

The knowledge of technologies such as Pug, SASS or Vue.js with the application of KISS and BEM principles allows us to develop first level Frontend projects. We have successfully developed PWA (Progressive Web Apps) projects that we offer in our IT outsourcing.

Backend development

Our extensive experience in Python and Django, along with other technologies such as Parse, Firebase or Falcon, give us a wide range of options to develop your backend with the best possible tools.

Leading-edge development

Often times, keeping an in-house IT team abreast of the latest innovations in development is no easy task. Our enterprise outsourcing team is at the forefront in the use and implementation of the latest development and design technologies.

Quality as a quality

With the IT outsourcing services offered by Mecexis, we check that your developments comply with all the required functionalities and the purposes for which they were developed.

Audit and quality control

We review your web or app project looking for possible errors and improvement points. With our IT outsourcing solutions you will get the advice and support you need.


We review the correct functioning of your application or web page and establish the necessary mechanisms to guarantee its correct functioning in the future.

Reasons for IT outsourcing

Reducing the risk factors of your projects and saving costs are already compelling reasons. We understand you perfectly. However, if you have a stalled project, and you believe in it, outsourcing for companies will be an ideal resource. With a specialized team like ours, you will be able to alternate the daily work with the project without losing focus on the day to day.

Extensive experience

We have extensive experience in the development of web, application and software projects where technical complexity and inventiveness are crucial for success.


The work and knowledge needs of your company vary over time. Thanks to our outsourcing service, you can count on us whenever you need it. You can count on the necessary specialist for your project or on a team prepared to carry out your projects.

High qualification

Having Mecexis to solve a technological challenge for which your team is not fully prepared allows you to focus your team on developing the aspects for which it is best prepared.


Sometimes, it is impossible to keep up internally with the pace of such a competitive and changing environment as the current app and web development. Thanks to our IT outsourcing service, you have a specialized and competitive team in the necessary fields to face your competition.

Increased efficiency

Thanks to a greater knowledge in our areas of work and an external vision, we can offer actions with greater effectiveness and efficiency. Our outsourcing service is prepared to develop comprehensive actions and meaningful prioritizations.

Development control

Hiring an outsourcing solution has many advantages. With our services, we provide a clearly defined cost tracking with a solid budgetary control.

Investment and savings

Your investment is exclusively governed by the project to be executed, without mortgaging the future of your project or company. Thanks to the application of economies of scale, the costs are lower than the costs if the development takes place within the company.

Our programming languages and environments

We have been developing day after day for years in a multitude of languages and environments, periodically selecting and adapting the best technologies of the moment for development. Therefore, our IT outsourcing service can be a great option for the development of technological projects in your company.