About us

In Mecexis we work towards bringing your idea into reality. We focus on using technologies and design processes aimed at achieving the requirements of each project.

Our values, culture and beliefs

We are a team with experience and passion for what we do.

Agile methodology

We combine extensive experience in Python, Django and Javascript with an agile development approach, which gives us wide flexibility and transparency to handle your project.

Aiming at the future

We pride ourselves in pushing the limits of digital design and development. We combine relevant trends and best practices to build platforms with a future.

Large experience

We have extensive experience in developing successful ambitious digital products under the pressure of a demanding time and budget.

Focused on design

We focus all UX / UI efforts on creating easy-to-use applications with a view to achieving your business goals.

Development quality

A clear and established development system allows us to create software with high stability, low maintenance costs, and ease of future growth.

Passion for our work

Each member of our team is truly passionate about their work. We love what we do and that leaves a mark on our projects.

Mobile apps

Our app developers will help you introduce yourself to the immense opportunity that mobile platforms and the cloud world offer without the need to hire an internal development team for your company.

Free software

Our applications are based on free software, offering solutions without license costs. Free software allows us to have high-quality solutions that are widely tested, stable and documented where the only owner of the application is you.

Do yo have any project in mind?

We work side by side with you to make your project come true.

Research and planning

Large digital projects must start with solid ideas and goals. We work together with our clients to understand their situation, covering the user's needs and the technical and organizational objectives and capabilities of the company we work with.

Concept and prototype

An idea is only a hypothesis until it has been proved and tested, we cannot invest time and money based on assumptions. Before starting with the design, we explore different directions, creating prototypes and carrying out user tests until we find a solid, proven and guaranteed concept to work with.


Product and design system

We create innovation in our applications based on real data from real users. The best ideas can be in vain if you don't have a UX / UI design that makes it attractive, simple and easy to use. We look for the best solutions and design every detail necessary to transform your ideas into memorable products.

Software development

Creating Frontend and Backend solutions that generate a unique experience across all channels and platforms is key. Our developers make the design team's solutions a reality through system integration, deep testing and solid software architecture.


One thing is to develop your application or web and release it and another very different is to keep it up to date, working and improving, especially when the world around us is constantly changing. We promote quality by being proactive, we ensure that your product stays up to date.