Flutter Developement

Build your next application with Google Flutter with Mecexis, developing native performance applications for mobile, web, and desktop with a single code base.

Advantages of Flutter developments

Our developments with Flutter allow the client to have access to native applications. It allows us to develop cross-platform applications with very little code to obtain high quality experiences.

Efficient development

One of the biggest advantages of working with Flutter is that developers can now develop with multiple devices in a single line of code. This makes developing with Flutter much more efficient.

Native performance

Although it is a single language that works for different devices, it operates natively. Making the application run much faster and allowing direct communication with the different components of the device.

Ease of testing

Since development does not require multiple lines of code for the same application, testing is much more transparent, efficient, and faster.

Material Design and Cupertino

Flutter allows the creation of visually attractive interfaces for each platform, it adjusts itself to each of them allowing applications to have a design and aesthetics adapted to both Android and iOS.

The power of Dart

Flutter uses Dart as its language. It is a fast-developing language that offers native performance for multiple platforms.

'Flutter background'

Flutter development in Mecexis

Flutter is an innovative and efficient technology for application development. It enables native performance development for mobile, web and desktop. With our Flutter developments, we can quickly produce applications with high quality.

Development of custom applications

We design and develop your application completely tailored. We are in charge of both design and development.

Direct connection with the device hardware

Thanks to the use of existing libraries or the development of custom libraries, we can program applications that communicate natively with different components of the device, for example: bluetooth, gps, nfc ...

Application with offline operation

Thanks to the power of Flutter, we can create applications that continue to display content even when the user is offline.

Connection with external APIs

Plug the application into your API service or other existing external API services.